Google Vase

October 10th, 2011

Daniel Michel searched for 8 different vases on Google Images. The rotation outlines of the 8 vases were arranged around a center and connected by minimal surfaces in a 3D construction software. Afterwards the textures were set on the surfaces and the vase was printed by a 3D-Printer in plaster.

found at triangulation blog

One Coffee Cup a Day

July 1st, 2011

One Coffee Cup a Day is a project by Bernat Cuni. He designed 30 variations of the classic espresso coffee cup during 30 days. The cool thing about this, is the fact that you can actually buy them. When you order one, it will be printed 3D in glazed ceramics by Shapeways. Unfortunately there are only 3D renderings of the designs, it would have been interesting to see the real 3D ceramic product.

found at iGNANT

Do Pirate

May 8th, 2009

Do Pirate is project by Mathieu Maingaurd, he recreates well known design objects in a do it yourself way. Here are a few examples, the first photo is the original, the second one the pirated version.

“Chest Of Drawers” by Tejo Remy.
Chest Of Drawers by Tejo Remy

“Do Chest Of Drawers” by Mathieu Maingaurd.
Do Chest Of Drawers by Mathieu Maingaurd

“Egg Vase” by Marcel Wanders.
Egg Vase by Marcel Wanders

“Do Egg Vase” by Mathieu Mainguard.
Mathieu Mainguard

“Rag Chair” by Tejo Remi.
Rag Chair by Tejo Remi

“Do Rag Chair” by Mathieu Maingaurd.
Do Rag Chair by Mathieu Maingaurd

“Milk Bottle Lamp” by Tejo Remy.
Milk Bottle Lamp by Tejo Remy

“Do Milk Bottle Lamp” by Mathieu Maingaurd.
Do Milk Bottle Lamp by Mathieu Maingaurd


April 29th, 2009

Anamorphosis is a collection of platters by Luc d’Hanis & Sofie Lachaert for Droog. The distorted drawing on the platters only reveals themselves when you place a reflective object in the middle of the platter.

Anamorphosis by Luc d'Hanis & Sofie Lachaert

Anamorphosis by Luc d'Hanis & Sofie Lachaert

Anamorphosis by Luc d'Hanis & Sofie Lachaert

Anamorphosis by Luc d'Hanis & Sofie Lachaert

Blow Away vase by Front

April 22nd, 2009

The girls of Front digitised a Royal Delft vase and added some parameters to the material in the 3D software. It was then exposed to a simulated gust of wind. This is really a typical Front project.
The Blow Away vase is available from Moooi.

Blow Away vase by Front

Blow Away vase by Front

Water Clock

April 21st, 2009

To be able to read the Water Clock by Kyouei Design, you’ll have to let the white and red ball float in water. Inside the ceramic base are 2 magnets who rotate, those attract the 2 balls. The red one shows the hours, the white one the minutes.

Water Clock by Kyouei LTD

Water Clock by Kyouei LTD

Water Clock by Kyouei LTD

Water Clock by Kyouei LTD

found at designboom weblog

Mr. & Mrs. Jones Juicers

April 15th, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Jones Juicers by Polly George

‘Mr. & Mrs. Jones Juicers’ by Polly George, available at Design Public.
found at swissmiss