Learning From

April 16th, 2010

Learning From is a project by Nora Korn & Christoph Köhler. Over a period of 3 months, they collected and documented bulky trash. This resulted in fifty piles of
bulky waste and in eleven items of newly combined, rebuilt or converted bulky waste. Here are my 4 favorites:

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April 14th, 2010

Alejandro Aravena designed the Chairless, a seating device for the modern nomad, for Vitra. It’s just a strap of fabric which you put around your knees and back. Alejandro was inspired by a picture of an Ayoreo Indian sitting with such a strap. This is definitely not a typical Vitra product.
A part of the proceeds will be used to support the “Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities”.

Cinderella’s Chair

February 16th, 2010

“Cinderella’s Chair” by Anna Ter Haar is a collection of chairs with prostheses made of glass. Each prothesis was blown onto the chair to make fit perfectly. Glass however, is a very fragile material but the legs of glass are strong enough to carry weight.


January 28th, 2010

Homerun by Sylvain Willenz.

Origami Chair

January 21st, 2010

Origami Chair by So Takahashi.


December 9th, 2009

Rocker is an universal attachment to turn almost any four-legged chair into a real rocking chair. Designed by Oooms in cooperation with Meinte van de Meulen.

Rocker by Oooms

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13 Chair Puzzle

December 8th, 2009

13 Chair Puzzle by Joshua Callaghan.

13 Chair Puzzle by Joshua Callaghan

13 Chair Puzzle by Joshua Callaghan

13 Chair Puzzle by Joshua Callaghan

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Escape Vehicle No.6 versus The Space Chair Project

November 18th, 2009

In 2004, Simon Faithfull was commissioned to do a live event by The Arts Catalyst for its Artists Airshow. He decided to launch a weather balloon with a chair attached to it. The audience could follow the live video feed on a large screen. A typical art project.
In 2009, the advertising agency Grey London did The Space Chair Project for their client Toshiba. They also launched a chair with a weather balloon, except that they used HD cameras to create the highest HD TV ad in the world. But somehow they don’t mention Simon Faithfull anywhere …

Update: According to this article, Simon was part of the team who did the ad.

Escape Vehicle No 6 by Simon Faithfull (2004)

The Space Chair Project

The Making of Space Chair

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Sofa Dress

September 18th, 2009

This Sofa Dress concept by Studio MAEZM is definitely one of the better design projects I have seen lately.

Sofa Dress by Studio MAEZM

Sofa Dress by Studio MAEZM

Sofa Dress by Studio MAEZM

Sofa Dress by Studio MAEZM

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Not Yet Titled

July 27th, 2009

Not Yet Titled (Bergen Chair) by Banks Violette.

Not Yet Titled (Bergen Chair) by Banks Violette

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