August 19th, 2007

PantheonI’m back! I was offline the whole 10 days! My eyes hurt now, I’ll have to adapt to computer screens again.
The picture on the left is the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. It was the only clubhouse where I went inside in Rome … and I bet it’s the best one. Of course you can’t stay in Rome for 10 days, so after 2,5 days we left for Umbria, a very nice region in middle Italy. We had a very nice time in Spoleto … ‘dolce far niente’.

10 days off

August 8th, 2007

dolcefarniente.jpgI’m going to try to stay offline for the next 10 days. For real! Place your bets now!
photo by Giulia Rossa

Diesel Liquid Space

June 21st, 2007

Diesel Liquid Space

Diesel latest online event, Diesel Liquid Space, is just over; only 1 day after winning a Cannes Cyber Lion Grand Prix for its previous one called ‘Heidies‘. That award is a major thing in the advertising business, at least for some people.
Diesel Liquid Space was a live video stream of Diesel’s fashion show in Florence, Italy. First came a prelude with a presenter. The show itself was ‘different’ that other fashion shows because they used some sort of video holograms, otherwise nothing shocking. It was quite hard to see ‘the fashion’ as the video was very small. But luckily there were the hologram videos to distract everyone, they showed some sort of underwater world with fish, turtles and squids. At the end of the show, the video projection wrapped up in 2 blobs, which disappeared in 2 bottles on stage. Then Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s chief, came on, picked up the bottles and sprayed some fragrance into the audience. Quite a nice effect.
Afterwards the presenter came back to report from the after party, that didn’t go down that well, it was a little chaotic … the Italian style I guess.

EDIT: Diesel posted the show on YouTube.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="640" height="500"/]

There are some screenshots after the jump.


January 17th, 2007


This pattern brings back some good old memories of the one year that I studied in Milan, Italy. I rode a train to the university with this pattern on the seats almost every day. It was a great year … Actually I will probably visit Milan this year on my way south to Umbria, I’m really looking forward to it.
Anyway this picture is part of a whole set by ludd: Patterns, taken from public transport vehicles.