Tour de Force

October 15th, 2008

Steve Jobs called the unibody of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro a Tour de Force. This part is milled from a solid piece of aluminium. I don’t know, it’s not like they have reinvented the wheel or so. But the new notebooks do look very lush. Me want.

MacBook unibody design

Here are some bonus hardware pron pictures of the manufacturing process. You can watch the video for yourself here.

MacBook unibody design

MacBook unibody design

MacBook unibody design

MacBook unibody design

MacBook unibody design

MacBook unibody design


June 9th, 2008


Braun Apple

August 21st, 2007

braun_iphone.jpgSome time ago, some people found out that there are some design similarities between the iPhone calculator and some Braun calculators from the late 70ies. Erik Spiekermann, a well known typographer, found an other one between Apple’s current aluminium look and an old world receiver. Apparently there some fans of German design in the Apple team.

Can you feel it?

June 11th, 2007

Jobs in tha house! The WWDC keynote is coming up soon. Get your groove on the F5 button!

“Let there be ‘One more thing'”!

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June 22nd, 2006

My Powerbook has this light sensor which adapts the brightness of my display and the intersity of keyboard backlight. Mac OS X Internals has some insight how to “hack” this capabilities. Stefan Werner wrote an iTunes plugin, iSpazz, to control the keyboard and screen backlight. Geeky!

1 year

June 15th, 2006

Today is a special day. No, this blog isn’t one year old yet.
One year ago I received my Apple Powerbook and first Apple computer at all. It seems like it was yesterday. The decision to buy a Powerbook was made years ago, but was always postponed due to the never ending Apple rumors … that powerbook G5 you know. When Apple announced that they would switch to Intel in 2006, my final decision was made. I didn’t want to wait for a second revision Intel Powerbook.
Well life on the OS X side is nice but not 100% perfect, I guess no operating system will ever give you that 100% satisfaction. This Powerbook is my first laptop ever, so I gained a lot of computer quality life (if you can say it like that) by being mobile.
Apple released some of it’s Intel macs by now, also the successor of the Powerbook, the MacBook Pro. I don’t see a reason to upgrade yet as long as some software still isn’t available for the Apple Intel platform. Maybe somewhere in 2007 …

SmackBook Pro

May 29th, 2006
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