Pedal Powered Lamborghini

October 3rd, 2007


A pedal powered Lamborghini! Made by Ben Wilson & Benedict Radcliffe.


September 28th, 2007


‘Veryround’ by Studio/Louise Campbell

This is simply a very round chair.
Signed limited edition pieces.

Consists of 160 circles, and focuses as much on shadowplay as on construction. The chair rocks sideways. It was designed by cutting small paper models by hand, and the intention was for the result to look as fragile as the original models. It does, but it is as strong as can be.

found through yatzer

adidas Stan Smith Brussels

August 22nd, 2007


Adidas is going to release a Stan Smith City Series, one of them is Brussels! It has the Atomium on it! Let’s hope that my local dealer next doors, the adidas originals store, is going to carry them too!

Dart Coat Hooks

January 26th, 2007

Dart Coat HooksThese Dart Coat Hooks are a must for every self respecting darts fan.


November 23rd, 2006

ny.jpgA little over a year ago I was for the first time in New York. It was amazing! So I really want to go back and I will probably take this metal credit card underground map with me.
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Miya Ando Stanoff

August 24th, 2006

miya.jpgMiya Ando Stanoff in an artist. Her work is minimal … very. Steel and pigment is enough for her.