Angles Mirror & Fan Mirror

March 26th, 2013

Daniel Rozin made 2 new mechanical mirrors: “Angles Mirror” and “Fan Mirror”. Just watch the videos and you’ll see what they’re about. You can see both and more new work by Daniel at Bitforms NYC till April 6th. If you don’t know his work, make sure you visit his website!

Angles Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Fan Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Mirror Wall

July 4th, 2012

Mirror Wall by Jeppe Hein.

A huge mirror is mounted onto a wall. When visitors enter the space the mirror starts moving subtly and wavelike. Visitors facing the mirror will be irritated by the vibrating reflection of themselves and their surrounding. This sensation causes not only a vague feeling of dizziness but also a latent distrust of one’s own eyes and spatial perception.

found at kiameku

DMY Berlin 2012

June 11th, 2012

Today I went to see this years DMY exhibition at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin. DMY is an annual design fair where you can find work by new and upcoming designers. The quality of the work was quite mixed but there were definitely a few gems. Here are my favorites:

Mirror.01 designed by Lennart van Uffelen for Atelier Belge

One Duck by Monique Habraken. It’s a tapestry from a collection of feathers from one male duck.

Units Of Time by René Schwolow is a clock divided into 3 separate clocks.


September 12th, 2011

NOW (#2 mirror) by Doug Aitken.

Clin d’oeil à l’angle

July 11th, 2011

A few months ago, Felice Varini had an exhibition at the Gallery Römeraphotheke in Zürich, Switzerland. He created a new piece on-site called “Clin d’oeil à l’angle”. The graphic forms in his installations can only be seen from one exact viewpoint. If you don’t know what I mean: have a look here.
“Clin d’oeil à l’angle” is just a little different than his other pieces, this time you had to look at it in a mirror.

February 25th, 2011 is probably one of the coolest websites I’ve seen lately. It’s basically a website with a lot of photos of people taking pictures of themselves in a mirror while using the flash of the camera. The interesting part is that the center of the flashlight follows your mouse pointer. There’re also a few automated animations and one interactive one called “Click, Drag, Throw”. It’s a project made by Conditional Design.

found at It’s Nice That

FLAT mirrors

January 31st, 2011

“FLAT mirrors” by BIG-GAME is a collection of 4 silvered windshields from cars with flat windows. So if you’re a fan of Volkswagen Beetle, Citroën 2 CV, Renault 4L or a Fiat Panda, this might me something for you.

Volkswagen Beetle

Renault 4L


December 23rd, 2010

RE: is an audiovisual installation by Bram Snijders and Carolien Teunisse. It’s a video projection on a 3D object, I know you’ve probably seen a lot of those lately, but this one is different. Here, the projector projects on itself with the help of a few mirrors.


November 16th, 2010

Tessel is a kinetic installation investigating the perception of sound and space made by David Letellier & Lab[au]. A 4 by 2 meters big mirror is divided into 40 triangles. Twelve of them are fitted with motors and eight triangles are equipped with audio transducers, which transform the surface into a dynamic sonic space.

found at

Never Odd or Even

July 13th, 2010

Never Odd or Even by Brookhart Jonquil is quite an impressive installation. No, there’s no mirror.

found at pietmondriaan