July 14th, 2010

These are actually just a few photos of an analog monitor covered with glass beads. But it looks awesome. It’s actually part of an art edition mobile phone called PixCell via PRISMOID, designed by Kohei Nawa. The description of the project sounds a little weird, but the result is great.

eBoy FixPix App

May 3rd, 2010

If you’re into pixel art you’ve probably heard of eBoy, they create the most amazing pixels worlds. Together with Delicious Toys they’ve developed a very nice iPhone/iPod Touch game called FixPix. It doesn’t have a revolutionary gameplay, they’ve sliced up their artwork into different layers and you have to put them back together by tilting you iPhone. Unfortenatly the app isn’t available yet, but this preview video made by Filip of CreativeApplications will give you a good idea what to expect.

Mobile Mobile

December 16th, 2009

Mobile Mobile is a Christmas installation at the Lost Boys international office in London. They used 50 old company cellphones to make this huge mobile. Each phone is controlled by a computer and has its own tone. When no one interacts with the sculpture, it plays “Carol of the Bells”. But you can also play with it. You can control it through this website or you can send a tweet with #lbitree and it will react to it. If you’re in London, you can just pop by at their office.
You might also like AKQA last years microwave oven piece.

Mobile Mobile

found at Make blog


September 23rd, 2009

PUSH N900 is a competion organised by Nokia to promote it’s new N900 smartphone. Everyone is invited to come up with projects how you could hack or mod the N900 and its open-source Maemo operating system. You have to submit your idea by October 11th, a jury will then decide who will get a N900, funding and support to make them real.
Hyper and Tinker it! were asked to develop some sample projects. They decided to use 4 objects from the 80’s: the Viewmaster, the Rolodex, an FM Radio and the Speak & Spell.

Now in 3D!

They’ve fitted a N900 inside a Viewmaster, when you move the Viewmaster to the left or the right a switch is triggered. The signal is then passed on through an arduino board and a bluetooth signal to the N900. The camera of the N900 takes now 2 images, a few centimeters apart. The two images are colored red and blue and superimposed and displayed on the screen of the N900, so when you look through the Viewmaster you’ll see a 3D image.

PUSH N900 - Now in 3D!

PUSH N900 - Now in 3D!

Talk & Text

A Nokia N900 and an Arduino are hidden inside a Speak & Spell. The keys are connected to the arduino which sends the signals over bluetooth to the N900. So you can write and send a text message using a Speak & Spell.

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

PUSH N900 - Talk & Text

Leave a Message

An Arduino connected to the Rolodex detects the position of the wheel and sends that information over bluetooth to the N900. Each position indicates a specific contact. Without touching your N900, you bring up the contact you need to the screen of the N900.

PUSH N900 - Leave a Message

Phone FM

You can send a text message to your phone and it will read the artist’s name and send that information to last.fm. MP3’s will start streaming and the cover art will appear on the screen. The N900 has a build-in FM transmitter, the signal will be picked up by any radio nearby when it’s set to the right station.

PUSH N900 - Phone FM

club.unlike beta

August 14th, 2009

Over a year ago I recommended you this website called berlin.unlike. When I’m asked to describe it, it would be something like this: “the definitive city guide for the mobile generation”. Exactly like they describe themselves.
It’s quite impressive to see how they evolved over the last months. They added 10 other cities to their service like Barcelona, London and Paris. You can now buy iPhone apps for each city or one for all of them; they support offline browsing and a future feature will be offline maps. For those of you who don’t want to spend their time planning their trip, they even sell packages with all kinds of activities, guides and tours.
But today I received the login data for the club.unlike beta. When you’re logged in you can create your own custom tours, import your travel plans from other services, share everything with everything and you’ll get some extras at certain locations. So here is my tour: berlin by today and tomorrow. You can even download it as a PDF. The only critique I have, is the fact that you can’t add a location which is not in the unlike system.
Don’t forget this is a closed beta and there’s still some room for optimizations, but if you’re interested: sign up!


The Unloader

November 19th, 2008

The Unloader is quite a funny website. You can upload one of your local boring documents and pick one of the three ways how you want it to be destroyed. After receiving the file, you can really see how your document comes out of the printer. Unfortunately you won’t see the actual destruction of your document, but a pre produced video which is still impressive.
This campaign website for some Nokia mobile phones, was made by Farfar and Perfect Fools.

The Unloader

I See Beats

September 26th, 2008

‘I See Beats’ is an interactive installation by Kyle McDonald. It is a beat sequencer where you’ll need a few people with mobile phones to create a sound. You have to hold up your phone with the screen lit, a webcam tracks your position and puts your phone on the sequencer grid. Normally you don’t get anything decent when a few people try to use an interface like this one, but here the result is quite good.
I wonder why no artist already did something like this during a concert …

found at MAKE Blog

iPhone 3G

July 11th, 2008

iPhone 3G

So despite my initial enthusiasm, I didn’t buy an iPhone 3G today. It wasn’t an easy dicision but the T-Mobile iPhone 3G plans just don’t fit my needs. I don’t want any included minutes or T-Mobile hotspots access. I want a fair minute rate (not 0,29€ a minute) and more data transfer at full speed (not throttled after just 300 MB). So I guess I’ll plan my next holiday to one of the countries with prepaid iPhones.
If you want to see more iPhone 3G hardware pron, iFixit has the images to get you off.


June 9th, 2008

iPhone 3G

One more month baby!


April 15th, 2008


For those of you who want to come and visit Berlin there is this new website called berlin.unlike. You can find addresses of bars, shops, clubs, … etc, but also events; it’s an ongoing collection of course. You can add all this info to your own tour. It’s dead simple, you don’t have to register, you can start right away with adding the things you want to visit. Your tour will get it’s own unique id, you may not forget to bookmark it when you want to add anything later (go to your tour and click on settings on the right). You can share your tour with anyone and browse it on your mobile phone, hé it’s hooked up with google maps. Here is mine. Very neat!