My Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low iD – The Second Coming

March 6th, 2007

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low iD

27 days later … my Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low iD arrived! They came out just like I expected!
It’s going to take some courage to break them in.
There is an extra picture and some info on Nike iD after the jump.


Nike AF1 Premium iD

February 23rd, 2007

Air Force 1 Low Premium iDNike is opening up the whole Air Force 1 iD thing. You can go to this website and design your Air Force 1 Low, the only hook is that you won’t be able to buy one unless you have a password. After adding your design to your shopping cart you will be able to sign up for a password. I really don’t have a clue on which base they will decide if you will get a password. Anyway it’s fun to play around with the Nike iD website! On the left you can see my try at it …

My Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low iD

February 8th, 2007

Today was Nike iD Studio day! Yay!
As soon as I found out that Nike would have the Air Force 1 Supreme Low at their iD Studios, I knew I wanted to do one. Especially with those material and color options it was a real no-brainer.
Everytime you design a sneaker on Nike iD, it’s a little like baking a cake. You pick the ingredients and hope that they will blend together and then you shove it in the oven. And then it bakes … you’ll have to be patient … it can take weeks … In the end you’ll be happy like a little kid!
White is the first color this season at the Nike iD Studio. White is not just white, there’s white, off white and antique white. Combine those with different materials (Weave, Crinkle, Ostrich, Diamond Weave, Dodo Bird, Basketball, Iguana, Cross Hatch, Pig Skin, Crocodile, Smooth, Pebbled, Patent, Kangaroo, Nubuck, Suede and Real Deal) you’ll get tons of possibilities … choices choices choices.
I decided to go with an all Antique White one. Here is a crappy picture of the screen at the iD Studio.

My Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Low iD

Base material: Antique White Cross Hatch
Secondary material: Antique White Weave
Accent material: Antique White Patent
Lining, laces, sidewall and sidewall stitching: Antique White
Outsole: Gum

Thanks to Michael, right?, for his time and the mag!

So that’s the start of Nike iD 2007!
And what’s up next?
Premium Dunk high and lows.
The Air Force 1 Supreme Low will get a color treatment and thereafter an all black palette.

After the jump you will find some pictures of samples.


Nike iD Studio Air Force 1 low 2007

January 25th, 2007

The Nike iD Studio is the holy grail for a lot of sneaker heads. If you manage to get, you’ll be able to design a shoe that will be so exclusive that you might be the only person having it! So what’s the difference with Nike iD? You can do different shoes and pick from more exclusive materials.

So now you can guess which shoe is now available at the Studios? Right!
The options are incredible this time … although you will have to go with white tones: white, off white, antique white and kangaroo white. In these categories you’ll find the following leathers: Weave, Crinkle, Ostrich, Diamond Weave, Dodo Bird, Basketball, Iguana, Cross Hatch, Pig Skin, Crocodile, Smooth, Pebbled, Patent, Kangaroo, Nubuck, Suede and Real Deal. And as a bonus you can even pick a clear sole!
I don’t feel like calculating all the possibilities here, but here are 4 sample shoes to drewl on. They are the supreme ones, no stitching.



Info found at Cool Hunting.


October 18th, 2006

Yesterday was the official launch of Nike+ in Germany. Nike+ is a collaboration between Nike and Apple: it’s a running system to track your running time, pace and the calories you have burned. You click a small receiver on your iPod nano and you put a small sensor in your Nike+ running shoes and off you go. After your run, you can sync your data with the Nike+ website and see a graphical representation of your run. The system works just like you would expect from Apple …
I started running 2 months ago after I received my Nike iD Air Zoom Moire+ shoes (what a name). It wasn’t easy after 9 years of no sports; shin splits and achilles pains … I experienced it all. Yesterday, my girlfriend picked up a Nike + iPod sport kit (the iPod receiver and sensor) at NikeTown for me and today I tried it out for the first time. Here is the graphic of my run on I can’t wait for my next run!



August 16th, 2006

airzoommoire.jpgYesterday I recieved my pair of Air Zoom Moire +. They’re the Nike running shoes that work with the apple nano to measure your distance, pace and time. Unfortunately the small chip that connects both isn’t available yet in Germany … Anyway, I’m just back from my first run since … I guess 9 years. It was fun but hard, I did 3750 meters (I measured that with Gmaps Pedometer). Let’s see if I can keep my “every 2 days run” goal.

Nike iD Studio Air Force 1 Low STK, nr. 2

August 1st, 2006

nikeidaf1.jpgIn July I visited the Nike iD Studio in Berlin to do an Air Zoom Moire +, but also did an Air Force 1 Low. That one arrived today and I think it’s one of my best ones till now … so summer/citrus like.

Nike+ iD

July 14th, 2006

Today Nike and Apple launched Nike+. This is what I have been waiting for … waiting to pick up with running. Nike+ is combination of Nike shoes and Apples iPod Nano. It’s basicly a system to track your running pace and distance. The iPod connects to a sensor in the shoe and saves the data. When you connect your iPod, you’ll be able to upload your data to the Nike+ website, that website gives you a nice graphical visualisation of your runs. Technology, design and sneakers in one. Made for me.
… that sounds like Nike iD. Indeed I’m just back from my appointment at the Nike iD Studio in Berlin. Nike developed a new shoe for this new product: the Air Zoom Moire+.
This is what I made and some samples that were on display. flickrset


Nike iD Studio Air Force 1 Low STK

June 7th, 2006

Hehe, another package from Nike iD! May I present my Nike iD Studio Air Force 1 Low STK.


Nike iD shipment

May 30th, 2006

Yay! I just recieved some new sneakers from Nike iD!
Here’s the Air Force 1 Low that I did at the Solebox opening.


And the Air Max 1.