Nike iD

May 8th, 2006

Mario, a colleague, and I are just back from a short visit at the Nike iD Studio in Berlin. They now have a new series with the football worldcup as a theme. So here is my Air Force 1 Low:


And my Air Max 1:


Solebox invite

April 21st, 2006

Just received this invite for the opening of the new Solebox shop.
The best part: you’ll be able to design an Air Force 1 Low!

Nike Air Max ’90 iD Exclusive Studio

March 21st, 2006

Yeah! My Nike iD‘s arrived and they look amazing!


History of Air

January 28th, 2006

So I’m just back from the History of Air exhibit at the Nike Spiritroom in Berlin. This little exhibit comes along with the launch of the Air Max 360. The whole room looked like a clean research lab, all the Air Max models where on display. Here some pictures …



Ofcourse the real action was going on in the back … at the iD Studio. There were some samples on display … duh. I really like these 2 beauties.



In the end, I decided to do an Air Max 90 … a true classic. Beside to the online possibilities, I could pick some extra materials: white patent, buck hampton leather, black buffalo leather and infrared patent. In the end I came up with this:


Oh man, I can’t wait!

Nike ID Design Lab Berlin

July 22nd, 2005

This noon Achim (a collegue) and I had an appointment at the Nike ID Design Lab here in Berlin. The first time I heard about a store like this one was on Cool Hunting, I thought the idea was great. So basically it is the real worlds version of the online store, but still quite different. First, you can’t just walk in, you need to make an appointment. But to make an appointment you have to get some sort of invitation which you can get at some sneaker stores here in Berlin like solebox. So I figured out how to get in and so we went this noon.

We got a personal welcome by the 3 shop assistants and they offered us right away a drink. After checking out the interior I picked out the shoe I wanted … the air force 1 mid, which is a basketball shoe from 1983. The main reason why I picked that one and not the more popular dunk, is that you can only get this shoe at the “real world” Nike ID Store, and also because you can decide on 10 parts of the shoe.
Achim decided on the dunk.

There are 2 design units in the store, which also explains why you need an appointment. Achim sat down at one side of the store, I on the other side, both with a personal assistant. The assistants got some sample shoes and booklets with the material samples in each available color. The shop uses the same website interface as online, the build and preview the shoe.
Achim had his shoe done really quickly, he decided on an all black dunk with a white swoosh. The design process of my shoe was much more complicated, the web interface of the air force 1 was not available so i had to visualize the shoe in my head with some help of the sample shoes and the materials.
How the shoe will look like … I don’t really know, I guess it will be classic … the colors i picked: Dark Cinder, Granite, Green Curry, White and Desert Clay.
As the web interface was down, I couldn’t pay for the shoes so I had to write down my contact info’s. The assistant took my order to the offices behind the store which offered me the occasion to make some pictures. After a few minutes he came back with a little booklet with small cards of each color I picked, that was nice.

I was there for an hour … time flew …it was a nice experience, now I’m really curious how they will turnout.

nike Id lab Berlin

Nike Air Force 1 Mid

nike Id lab Berlin

nike Id lab Berlin

nike Id lab Berlin

Air Force 1 examples

all the possible colors

the carpet