The Unloader

November 19th, 2008

The Unloader is quite a funny website. You can upload one of your local boring documents and pick one of the three ways how you want it to be destroyed. After receiving the file, you can really see how your document comes out of the printer. Unfortunately you won’t see the actual destruction of your document, but a pre produced video which is still impressive.
This campaign website for some Nokia mobile phones, was made by Farfar and Perfect Fools.

The Unloader

iPhone 3G

July 11th, 2008

iPhone 3G

So despite my initial enthusiasm, I didn’t buy an iPhone 3G today. It wasn’t an easy dicision but the T-Mobile iPhone 3G plans just don’t fit my needs. I don’t want any included minutes or T-Mobile hotspots access. I want a fair minute rate (not 0,29€ a minute) and more data transfer at full speed (not throttled after just 300 MB). So I guess I’ll plan my next holiday to one of the countries with prepaid iPhones.
If you want to see more iPhone 3G hardware pron, iFixit has the images to get you off.


June 9th, 2008

iPhone 3G

One more month baby!


November 13th, 2007

android.jpgYesterday, Google released the software development kit for its mobile platform called Android. Of course I had to install it and give it a try, it comes with sample code and some standard features like a web browser and a maps application.
The standard graphical user interface looks dull to me, especially since I played around with an iPhone before. The screen resolution of the demo phone is only 320 by 240 and it’s not that snappy, maybe that’s because it’s only an emulation.
Although the iPhone is available since last Friday here in Germany, I didn’t buy one for the simple reason that the iPhone and the contract are too expensive. But if I could get one from the States (over a €100 cheaper!), I would.
So Apple, I’m quite curious to play with the iPhone SDK next February! Bring it on!


August 31st, 2007


Comcast has this little website called TripleSlanguage to promote their triple-play offer (internet, telephone and TV). They invented some new words like ‘Quizjacking’ and ‘Tomphonery’. I guess I’m guilty to several …
‘What’s the capital of Belgium? Waffles.’

Media Skin

January 18th, 2007

Media Skin is an other mobile phone by KDDI. I can’t tell you anything more than that the Media Skin looks slick as I don’t speak Japanese.
(You have to scroll horizontally in the pop up window.)


Number 9,300,001

January 9th, 2007

If google finds this post, it will be the 9,300,001st iPhone article …
Now I can start saving for this beauty as it will only become available the 4th quarter this year in Europe.



December 5th, 2006

Speaking of mobiles phones, KDDI (a japanese brand) always had hot phones like Marc Newsons Talby. Now there’s a new sexy one … neon, everything looked good till I reached the Functions&Specs page. What a let down. First they tease you with some apple like design and when you look at it from other sides you get an ordinary pc laptops bottom.



December 5th, 2006


The Motofone is the first Motorola phone that appeals to me, I won’t buy it though … still waiting for that iPhone. Anyway the promo site for it is quite interesting while the designers explain the features and the decisions they have made. The flash work by the web designers is on par with the phone.

cup communicator

November 7th, 2006


I think everyone knows right away what this is and how it works. It’s such a well known communication interface, and that’s why I really like projects like the cup communicator.
Make sure you check out Duncan Wilsons other projects too.

found at WMMNA