Rain Room

May 15th, 2013

The Rain Room by rAndom International is an interactive installation which is also part of the EXPO 1: New York exhibition. The Rain Room is a 100 square metre field of falling water that visitors may walk through and experience how it might feel to control the rain. 10 people can be tracked by the system and everywhere they go, the rain will stop. It’s really a magical experience. You can visit the Rain Room at the MoMA in NYC till July 28th.

In the first 2 photos you can see a dance performance by the choreographer Wayne McGregor.

Rain Room by rAndom International

Rain Room by rAndom International

Rain Room by rAndom International

Here’s a video form the Rain Room when it was installed at the Barbican in London.

Tele-Present Water

July 8th, 2011

Tele-Present Water by David Bowen.

This installation draws information from the intensity and movement of the water in a remote location. Wave data is being collected in real-time from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data buoy Station 46246 (49°59’7″ N 145°5’20” W) on the Pacific Ocean. The wave intensity and frequency is scaled and transferred to the mechanical grid structure installed at The National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. The result was a simulation of the physical effects caused by the movement of water from this distant location.

found at creativeapplications.net

Lakes and Reservoirs

April 15th, 2011

“Lakes and Reservoirs” is a series of photographs made by Matthew Brandt. First he made the photos of the lakes and reservoirs, then he made C-prints of them and lastly he soaked those in the water of the respective lakes and reservoirs. The results look great.

Ice Me

August 19th, 2010

Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli have one idea a day and put them up on their 01MATHERY tumblr. A few ago they posted their Ice Me idea. You put your jewelery in an ice cube tray, add some water and boooom … jewelery with ice cubes. Not sure if someone will still need this this summer.

found at ignant

Fountain 193

August 1st, 2010

Fountain 193 is a 12 minutes long video made by Cinthia Marcelle. It’s just a firefighter truck constantly driving in a perfect circle while its hose is shooting water to the centre of the geometric figure, provoking the image of a fountain in reverse.

found at Potz!Blitz!Szpilman!

Gold Fountain LKW & PKW

June 29th, 2010

The Gold Fountain LKW & PKW by Sylvie Fleury are still THE accessories the get for your balcony or garden this summer!

found at contemporary art daily

Underwater Base Jump

June 9th, 2010

Free Fall is a video made by the freedivers Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier. You can see Guillaume doing a base jump into Dean’s Blue Hole. They say it’s a fictional and artistic project, they wanted to show another approach to freediving videos. Even Julie, who filmed everything with a Canon 5D Mark II, hold her breath the whole time. The result is awesome.

found at kottke

Under Water

May 12th, 2010

“Under Water” by Jill Greenberg.

found at It’s Nice That

Wall of Ice

October 21st, 2009

Wall of Ice is an installation of Troels Sandegård. He placed a refrigeration plant behind a tin wall, soon water condensated and froze to the wall. This first picture shows the “Wall of Ice” after one week, the second one after three weeks.

Wall of Ice by Troels Sandegård

Wall of Ice by Troels Sandegård

found at vvork


October 20th, 2009

These water splashes by Corrie White are amazing. You can find more photos in this set.

Corrie White

Corrie White

Corrie White

Corrie White

found at It’s Nice That